Local author offering poetry workshop this weekend

Author Christopher Raine does a poetry reading at the library in this Morinville News file photo from October of 2017. The local author is holding a workshop on the art and craft of poetry this weekend.

by Stephen Dafoe

Library Month continues at the Morinville Community Library this weekend with an opportunity to learn the techniques of poetry with Morinville author and poet Christopher Raine.

Raine’s book Vacant Morality was launched at the library last year, and the author is nearing completion of his next work. However, he is taking time from his writing this weekend to work with other poets and writers in general in a two-hour workshop running from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 21.

“The primary idea of what we’re going to do is to see how poetry is effective by taking something familiar, turning it sideways so you can view it through fresh eyes,” Raine said, noting that the examination of contemporary poetry will include examples that use the technique. “We’ll look at poems that use those literary techniques, see why they work so that we can apply those ideas to our own work and improve the impact of the poems that we write.”

The two-hour session will also include a discussion on properly critiquing poetry, an essential element for any writer to improve their craft.

“In order to improve oneself, one must accept criticism,” He said. “But criticism also has to be given in a way that it is helpful.”

Raine said the workshop would also include a writing session with a review of the techniques learned.

The poet says while the focus is on poetry, anyone wanting to improve on their writing quality, in general, is a good candidate for the workshop.

“I think it would of benefit to anyone who aspires to do writing of any kind,” he said, adding he hopes to help writers improve their writing to a greater level of impact. “Art is the lie that reveals the truth, as the old expression goes. It’s a good quote because through the artifice of writing to make it unfamiliar it allows you to see the truth that you might be missing because you see it all around you all the time.”

Those interested in attending can call the library at 780-939-3292 to register. There is no cost for the session.

Christopher Raine’s website is http://www.rainereflections.com.

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