Letter: An open letter to the town on 642

I do not blame the town or town council for the mess on 100 Ave. However, I do feel that the town and town council should have some say in whether this mess is permitted to continue.

The street is a mess of rocks and sand that has spread into all intersections along 100 Ave. The worst being at the traffic lights and in places it is a sandbox. Fortunately the motorcycle season is coming to a close. The recent street sweeping was unsatisfactory. Rock and dirt swept to within 3 feet of the curb at the closest. These rocks have already begun to migrate back onto the roadway. Unwashed rock should not have been used and I do believe that the only thing that will wash out are the rocks. Walk downtown at sunset, look west and there is a brown haze. Any one walking
down 100 Ave. at the same time a semi goes past at speed is covered in dust.
There was enough road noise before the chipping. Now it is much worse.

Property values must be less for any housing along 100 Ave. The chip rock did
not always stay imbedded in the tar and in many places there is a smooth tarred surface along the driven path. Walking across the roadway one has to make a point of lifting their feet up or risk snagging on the rocks due to the unevenness of the roadway. Any handicapped people or the elderly
crossing the roadway using a walker must be at risk of falling. Town parades are going to be interesting. Marching and dancing along 100 Ave. will be dangerous. Bicycle riders must have a hard time given the newly created unevenness in the roadway. I suspect bike groups will avoid Morinville due to the mess. Are storm sewers meant to handle the sand and gravel that will be washed down the grates?

A chipped highway is indeed safer and cheaper that pavement but likeeverything else there is a limit. The chipping should not have been done in the town limits. Department of transport has assured me that the project has a one-year warranty period, and another inspection next fall will provide an
opportunity to address any remaining concerns. And in the meantime…..careful walking, parading, bicycling, riding, driving, etc, along 100 Avenue.

The following is in jest but Town council should consider the following:

1) The dust cloud kicked up by vehicles covers all park benches along 100
Ave. Town council should ensure there is enough monies in the next budget to
include relocation of all effected park benches to west of the RR tracks or
anywhere on 100 Ave.

2) A discount on 2019 taxes and a rebate for 2018 taxes for all business located east of the RR Tracks on 100 St to help cover the costs associated with cleaning their windows.

3) A similar discount on 2019 taxes and a rebate for 2018 taxes tax discount
for all homeowners living on 100 Ave between the RR Tracks and the east
boundary. Homeowners living up to 1 block on either side (north or south)
of 100 St should be included. Vehicles, windows, decks are covered.

Bill Hubbard

Editor’s note: the letter above orignally referenced 100 St. but has been corrected to indicate 100 Ave.

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  1. I sent a letter to our MLA on Sep 10 and received no reply. This situation is entirely unacceptable. Hopefully our Town Council and Mayor have some say in rectifying the mess. I drive through Cardiff now. I’m sure that community notices increased traffic.

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