Lite Up The Nite Festival will swap fireworks for concert

Fireworks above Morinville have long been the finale to the annual Lite Up the Nite Festival. This year’s fireworks are cancelled due to a lack of safe location.

by Morinville News Staff

The night will be a little less lit up during this year’s Lite Up The Nite Festival. The Town of Morinville announced Wednesday afternoon that the Nov. 24 event would not include the fireworks display following the lighting of the park. Instead, an outdoor concert will be held downtown.

Organizers of this year’s festival say they have not been able to locate a safe and secure site for the fireworks display within town limits.

“Festivals like Lite Up the Nite are important opportunities to celebrate as a community,” said Director of Community & Protective Services David Schaefer. “The safety and wellbeing of all attendees is most important when planning large gatherings. As the community grows, it is Administration’s role to review opportunities such as fireworks and look for ways to incorporate them as part of future celebrations.”

The Town of Morinville has held fireworks many times in the past, most often setting them off from either the Morinville Public School grounds or the arena grounds. With MPS grounds having more and more modulars as they wait for their new school to open, the risk increases.

Locations, including Heritage Lake and the Fish And Game Association pond are both close to provincial highways.

Festival organizers say construction of the Morinville Community Recreation Facility east of Morinville is a potential fireworks location once the facility opens.

This year, instead of fireworks after Santa and Mrs. Claus throw the switch, singer Krissy Feniak will perform a variety of country, covers, originals and Christmas songs at 101 Street and 100 Avenue – directly across from the park.

The Annual Lite Up the Nite Festival takes place November 23 to 25.

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    • Ty Alderman Brown the location near the area hasn’t changed ??? But I don’t know for sure. I’m sure the land owner near the fish and game also wouldn’t object if we asked to use some of his land. Just a couple of ideas.

  1. Lack of safe locations? Is this for real? St Albert do it in the middle of their city yet dog food town surrounded buy empty fields can’t get er done? Poor excuse Morinville.

    • The article says the committee will examine the feasibility of using the rec lands when the centre opens in May. SJB has not included fireworks for a couple of years – Canada Day has had fireworks.

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