Council approves Off-site Levy Bylaw

by Colin Smith

The rates that developers pay for provision of services by the Town of Morinville have been updated with the passage of a new Off-Site Levy Bylaw.

Council gave second and third readings to Bylaw 19/2018 at its December 11 meeting. It replaces a similar bylaw passed in April 2017.

The Off-Site Levy Bylaw enables the Town to collect funds to cover the costs of putting in water lines, sanitary sewers, storm sewers and roads needed on lands to be developed or subdivided.

The bylaw was developed on the basis of a review by Corvus Business Advisors, which was summarized in a report previously presented to Council.

The report set out infrastructure requirements for roads, water, sanitary sewer and stormwater as well as grants and contributions to date, benefiting parties, receipts, total off-site levy costs, benefiting areas, staging impacts, reserve balances and required levy rates.

Transportation levies are $28,611 and water levies $22,472 in all areas, while sanitary and stormwater levies vary from area to area.

The rates are considered to be competitive within the Edmonton metropolitan region, while being adequate to supportive Morinville’s future infrastructure needs. The bylaw and associated maps will be published on the Town of Morinville website.

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