Letter: Praise for local business

Sometimes, if we are lucky, a business we frequent is such that we leave that business with lighter hearts and a more optimistic outlook. Such a business is Morinville Jiffy Lube. Let’s face it, if you are female, these oil change businesses tend to talk down to us and push products that we are not certain we need. I am thankful to say, Morinville Jiffy Lube is not one of these. They explained how my eco boost works (which is more than my dealership did), why my engine light came on, and proceeded to adjust the air intake which saved me the cost of taking it to my dealer to fix. They didn’t push products I didn’t need and were pleasant and friendly to boot. The end result is they now have a customer for as long as I’m a resident of Morinville.

Well done Morinville Jiffy Lube!

Debra LeBlanc

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