St Albert RCMP charge man for pretending to be a police officer

by Morinville News Staff

A 62-year-old St. Albert man will be facing charges of Personation of a Police Officer, operating an unregistered vehicle and operating a vehicle with unauthorized flashing lights.

St. Albert RCMP say they received two separate reports On Monday, February 18 of a black Jeep Patriot with flashing red and blue lights on its dash, driving erratically, speeding and driving through a red light in the city.

Drivers who witnessed the incident initially believed the Jeep to be a police vehicle because of the flashing emergency lights.

RCMP determined that this was not the case.

The man, who has not been identified by St. Albert RCMP, will be in St. Albert court on April 1, 2019. The red and blue flashing lights have been seized by police.

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    • Personate is a legal term and what the man was charged with.

      You can impersonate Christopher Walken – it’s not illegal. But if you personate Christopher Walken – it is illegal.

      Definition below.

      gerund or present participle: personating
      play the part of (a character in a drama).
      “here was our village cobbler in a French uniform, personating the general”
      pretend to be (someone else), especially for fraudulent purposes such as casting a vote in another person’s name.
      “he personated the king”

    • Peter Robitaille Yeah – it is not commonly used outside legal use. We changed the headline on the site to avoid any confusion. It is one of those words that IS right but just LOOKS wrong.

    • spellcheck said it was ok with it. The editor of the Edmonton Journal refused to print my “letter to the editor”. So I got after them and they mailed me a response of accusing me of being (intemperate). I had to l?k that word up. Learning new words is good for the mind.

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