Christian School solves mystery in latest play

by Stephen Dafoe

The Father’s House Christian School put on two performances of The Not So Terrible Parable on Thursday at Fable Gardens Hall.

The 40-minute play told the Biblical story of the Good Samaritan with a mysterious twist, the well-known parable taking place in an old hotel with the student actors trying to figure out what the mystery was all about.

Teacher and play director Holly Sandmaier and her cast began rehearsing the play once a week last October and ramped the schedule up in recent weeks in preparation for Thursday’s back-to-back shows.

Prior to the show, Sandmaier told Morinville News that learning all the dance routines and songs took a lot of time, but the students put a lot of energy into it.

The effort paid off. Thursday’s show – the school’s second play in as many years – once again entertained the audience while delivering a message of faith, and being good to our neighbours.

Although older students played the major roles of narrator, detective, hotel employees, and a pizza delivery girl who turns out to be the hero of the piece, the school made room for their youngest students as well. These younger actors stole the scene every time they hit the stage to sing and dance.

Below are some photos from Thursday’s afternoon show.

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