Four candidates to run in Morinville-St. Albert

by Morinville News Staff

Premier Rachel Notley has dropped the writ for the 2019 provincial election, officially setting off the campaigns of four candidates running in the Morinville-St. Albert constituency. They are Dale Nally (UCP), Neil Korotash (Alberta Party), Natalie Birnie (NDP) and Cass Romyn (Green).

Naly was named UCP candidate last November after coming out on top of a four-way race that included former Morinville Councillor Joe Gosselin, former Sturgeon County mayor Don Rigny, and current Legal Councillor Trina Jones. Gibbons Councillor Amber Harris had been a candidate but stepped down ahead of the race.

MCHS teacher Neil Korotash was selected over former Morinville Public School Principal Wayne Ruffiange in late January for the Alberta Party nod.

The NDP chose Shawna Gawreluck as their candidate in early January; however, the candidate stepped aside on Saturday citing a need to spend time with family. She has been replaced with Natalie Birnie, who is the Executive Director of the Acheson Business Association.

In the last election, Morinville was part of the Barrhead-Morinville-Westlock constituency. Morinville is now part of the new constituency of Morinville-St. Albert, which includes Morinville, Bon Accord, Legal, Gibbons, Red Water and the north part of St. Albert, as well as surrounding areas of Sturgeon County.

The election will take place Tuesday, April 16th.

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  1. Yes… Let’s support a lying, cheating, corrupt Kenney. Is that how you raise your children? To believe in those ideals? Explains the UCP base and their average IQ of eleventeen.

    • you support a man that wants to control a woman’s uterus,
      Hates the LBGTQ,
      Wants to lower taxes for businesses, introduce user fees for trails etc, lies and makes promises he will not keep and will likely screw us over like his buddy in Ontario did after he had made promises not to cut essential services. Just to name a few

    • Oh you know who I support? Typical ignorance. Tell me all about who I support. What’s next on the NDP doctrine? Name calling ? Nope you already ticked that box. Oh I know! Next you will call me a racist! Or a biggot?

  2. UCP supporters… Devoid of basic morals. Supporting a man who lied and cheated. A man who literally took your jobs away with his TEMPORARY FOREIGN WORKER PROGRAM, gave us a TEN CENT TAX ON GAS, and CAME UP WITH THE EQUALIZATION FORMULA. But he’s totally for Albertans… Cognitive dissonance is so rampant in these parts. Once again, good to know your teach your children it’s ok to lie, cheat, and be an all around dirtbag to get ahead in life.

  3. Letters to the Editor
    Morinville News
    Morinville , Alberta

    Dear Editor

    I was listening to a radio station yesterday just after Premier Notley had called the election for April 16th. The radio program was trying to get a feel from the people as to how they were feeling about the election coming up. I was surprised and pleased with the number of people who are prepared to support our Premier, not because I am disappointed but because the recent polls are suggesting that Rachel Notley is trailing miserably behind Jason Kenny and the UCP(Conservative Party). The conversation turned towards the current scandal behind the Leadership Campaign that Kenny won by a large majority. Apparently Kenny arranged for an acquaintance to run as a “spoiler” in the contest whose purpose was to attack the person of Brian Jean , the Previous leader of the Wild Rose Party. This is the same Jason Kenny whose has been reported to be shocked by the personality destroying nature of this campaign and previous campaigns. Now Mr. Kenny look who is calling the kettle burnt. Mr. Kenny has in the last couple of weeks demonstrated why the people of Alberta should not be supporting the UCP.
    The reason seems perfectly clear – he is not trust worthy to represent the good people of this province. We expect our leader to be open and transparent with the electorate, if not he should go run for the President of the United States because honesty does not seem to be a priority there. Well Mr. Kenny you have made your first big mistake and I personally hope that the new polls begin to show just how big a mistake that was!

  4. Dustin….Any Questions? The numbers herein show that you are in the vast NDP minority. You can be the lone voter for the NDP in the Morinville area.
    After April 16, the new MLA will be Dale Nally…….just saying.

    NDP competitive in Edmonton, but well behind elsewhere in the province


    March 22, 2019 – The provincial election campaign in Alberta begins with the New Democratic Party trailing the opposition United Conservative Party by a wide margin, according to new public opinion polling data analyzed by the non-profit Angus Reid Institute and donated by Angus Reid Global Public Affairs.

    During the period of fielding, respondents were asked how they would vote if the election were held tomorrow. Their answer: the UCP capturing a majority of the decided and leaning vote (56%), with the NDP receiving 31 per cent.

    However, the parties find themselves in a statistical tie in Edmonton, where the NDP garners 45 per cent of vote intention and the UCP 44 per cent. The New Democrats also lead among younger Albertans (46% versus 38% for the UCP among 18-34-year-olds), while the United Conservatives lead in every other region and demographic.

    Underlying these trends is a deep dissatisfaction with the Notley government’s performance over the past four years, particularly on economic issues such as management of the oil and gas industry.

    More Key Findings:
    Six-in-ten Albertans (60%) are dissatisfied with the current provincial government overall, including 43 per cent who say they are “very dissatisfied”
    Slight majorities feel the Notley government has done a good job on issues related to health care (54%), and education (52%), while larger majorities say the government has done poorly on the economy (66% say this) and managing natural resources (64%)
    Notley’s government is seen to be doing worst on the issues Albertans rank as most important to them. Half (49%) rank energy, oil and gas, and pipelines as a top issue facing the province, and another four-in-ten (41%) choose “the economy.” By contrast, health care is a top issue for fewer than one-in-four Albertans (24%)

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