Morinville Colony named 2018 Egg Farmers of Alberta Producer of the Year

by Lucie Roy

Alberta’s 2018 Egg Farmers of Alberta Producer of the Year is the Morinville Colony

Paul Wurz of the Morinville Colony received the full points possible when they completed the criteria this year.

This is the first time this has ever been achieved in the history of the award.

David Webb, Marketing & Communications Manager, Egg Farmers of Alberta provided a photo of the presentation which took place on 26 February 2019 at the Sheraton Hotel in Red Deer.

The plaque of recognition and trophy was presented to Paul Wurz of the Morinville Colony by Darren Petriew Commercial Account Manager- Agriculture Specialist at RBC.

Paul Wurz said they were in competition with 171 other Alberta producers. It is quite a hard competition and they have to really have everything in order.

“It includes animal care, taking care of your facility inside and out, egg quality, it is having all your paperwork in order and proving you are doing what you say you are doing in the paper and all the audits,” Wurz said. “We get four audits a year and everything was 100 percent. We kind of stepped up to the plate, totally.”

A copy of the certificate can be seen at the Shell Station in Morinville where Wurz delivers eggs.

The trophy, which arrived about a week ago, is currently on display for a year at the Royal Bank in Morinville.

The Morinville Colony was also the 2013 Egg Producer of the Year.

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