County undergoes corporate restructuring

by Morinville News Staff

Sturgeon County has chopped three managers in a restructuring move it says will support “cost-effective service delivery and to leverage future growth opportunities” a news release issued Thursday says.

“This restructure is an important step to achieving the strategic goals set by Council,” said Chief Administration Officer Reegan McCullough. “The changes to the structure focus on integrating service delivery to residents as our number one priority.”

The new structure includes putting the public works functions of engineering, transportation, utilities, fleet and facility services under Infrastrutuce Services umbrella.

Residential services, including community, agriculture and protective services now fall under one division – Community Services.

Financial Services will include financial, assessment and procurement services, and Planning and Economic Development will include planning, development, economic development, and intergovernmental relations.

All Corporate Services – legislative, legal, information management, information services, and human resources will fall under one division – Corporate Services

The County says the new management team would focus on preparing the 2020 Budget for Council’s consideration.

“Restructuring brings benefits, such as a strong sense of renewal, alignment on direction and high-quality interaction to achieve Council’s vision,” McCullough said. “Openness to new ideas and the ability to find creative solutions to the new challenges the County is facing regionally and internationally are key to our overall competitiveness.”

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    • Cora Krywko I talked to the county about this road and her road was done due to connectivity between the old highway and highway 2 there was nothing structurally wrong with that road… 🙄 it was $550,000 to pave the 300 meters.

    • Michelle Krywko wow. But then again it’s not the only road that connects the old highway and highway 2. If there was nothing wrong with it why was it done hmmmm.

    • Michelle Krywko I agree. Now they also want to amalgamate all the towns within Sturgeon County. I wonder what that’s going to cost the residents. So much going on there we don’t know about.

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