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Letter: Morinville Public School Learning Farm going well

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(Last Updated On: Sep 10, 2019)

I just wanted to send you a little update on the Morinville Public Learning Farm.

Our chickens did excellent over the summer under the care of Brian Croft, myself and the local daycare. We managed to relocate all the roosters that hatched in our set of chicks we raised, and we started to see a few eggs laid over the summer.

We have replaced all the roosters with hens, and all of the chickens have begun laying! This week we saw our first consistent batch of eggs laid! By Friday [Sept. 6] we had 2.5 half dozen. The kids in my class took care of the coop this first week back, and it was an excellent success! On Friday, we sold our first two dozen.

Monique Webb
MPS Teacher

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