Fire Department called to local business for roof fire

by Stephen Dafoe

The Morinville Fire Department responded to a call at JLS Decals & Signs Friday morning and was able to get things under control with minimal damage.

At the scene, Deputy Chief Joel Houle told Morinville News that the Fire Services were called in for a smell of smoke in the business’ shop area.

“They indicated that they did have smoke in the building in the service area,” Houle said. “When we got on scene, we determined that they did have a fire that was burning between the twin roof on the top end and the tin roof on the inside of the structure. So it was contained to the attic area, which is a little bit hard to get into.”

Houle said firefighters cut holes in the interior roof to access the fire to cool it off.

“It was a lot of logistics and a lot of labour to get to the fire, but it was contained to the actual place of origin,” Houle said, adding the Department determined there was nothing suspicious in the fire.

Houle said there was no damage other than some holes in the inside roof, and there were no injuries to staff or Fire Service personnel.

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