Column: Spring Stretches

With spring finally making its appearance we can now enjoy the beautiful sunshine. Although necessary restrictions are still in place, we can maintain physical distancing and still get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather on a patio, or enjoy a nice walk.

Many of us are probably itching to get into our backyard and do some much-needed raking and flower bed maintenance, or into those gardens to get started on preparing them for planting. Jumping into these activities without preparing your body for the increased physical demand, can lead to an unwanted injury.

We have put together a simple stretching program aimed at injury prevention. These stretches should be completely pain-free and enjoyable.

We also have videos of each of the exercises in the handout provided. If you would like access to these videos contact us at so we can email you the program directly. If you have any questions, reach out! We would love to hear from you!

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