Province says CORE hub will help Alberta’s seniors

by Morinville News Staff

The Government of Alberta says its new $40,000 Collaborative Online Resources and Education (CORE) online hub will coordinate community services for older Albertans and seniors during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

The hub will include online forums to access training, share resources and promote best practices, a link to Alberta 211 for seniors seeking direct supports, and information about volunteer safety, protocols and guidelines.

Additionally, links to funding opportunities and resources to address challenges related to COVID?19.

A total of $720,000 will be invested by the province and its partners Alberta Health Services, Alberta Blue Cross and the federal government through inter-agency programs and initiatives. The United Way of Calgary and Area will administer the hub and act as the project’s fiscal agent.

The government says CORE will make it easier for organizations to share resources and coordinate services, with a particular focus on COVID-19 issues, including transportation, food security, social isolation and home supports. Ultimately, it will help seniors in more remote locations get the support they need.

“We are using this technology to better serve Alberta seniors. Older individuals are among those most at risk for COVID?19. We believe the online knowledge hub will enhance the way organizations support seniors during the pandemic, and help keep them safe as we move forward with our relaunch plans, said Josephine Pon, Minister of Seniors and Housing.

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  1. Seniors are the most vulnerable right now and the most likely to have access to technology or even how to use it. It’s all well and good to have this “hub” ……too bad it’s not an easy access one 😡.

    • Yes, a direct payment to the senior who make more sense, then all these fizzy programs that many of the seniors have no technology or know how to access.

  2. 1) most seniors are not computer savvy in the least. I work with this population. I know folks in their 50s that struggle.
    2) when you’re low income you are not likely to have tablets, smart phones and the like.
    3) amazing they can have a resource like this for a reasonable price. Someone should let the war room know who their fiscal planner is.

  3. All senior need more funds not more political lip service. How much of this money is being used for administration of these programs, compare to what goes to the senior themselves? Why can our UPC government spend billion of dollars on oil & gas and very small amounts on seniors, who’s hard work built this province. What is happening to senior today should be classified as genocide of seniors. And all forms of government should be held responsible.

  4. I agree with all. Don’t be telling me that stores have not been gouging because they have, even if you put 47 cents on Kraft dinner, everyone knows you can buy it for 1.00 usually. Groceries would cost me 100 and now they cost 170 I’m buying the same….and since when is rubbing alcohol over the top? and the prices are just out of this world if anyone needs a mask and some gloves, where do seniors get these items from, we sure can’t afford them at the prices they are in the pharmacy? They should be giving these items to seniors. And if you don’t have a copier machine for Blue Cross or CBD forms, or anything else you need a form for where do you go? I’m a low income senior with no family, no children and I do not have a telephone or the latest tec, where would a senior even start without help. I know I need help. I’m angry very angry. Marie sure would love to meet you.

  5. Remember your anger next election. However, the UCP are not worried about the senior vote. These guys were elected with a majority so a majority of seniors must have voted for them. Present provincial government has so far cost me (as a senior) directly $700 a year. Indirect costs will filter down as municipal governments, school boards, etc increase taxes and other charges to make up for UPC cutbacks. When this covid-19 thing is over someone or some group will pay for the deficit. This CORE thing is fluff. Seniors cost the government money.

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