Banners of Remembrance raised in Morinville

by Lucie Roy

Banners of Remembrance were placed on light poles on Friday morning.

The lamp posts from Sobeys to the Fire Hall-on both sides of the street hold banners of soldiers who gave their life for Canada and all have a connection to Morinville.
Of the ten banners there are two soldiers from the First World War, Jean Ferrat and Louis Bourassa, from the Second World War; George Parker, Leon Theberge, Russell John Majeau, Jean Paul Therrien, Louis Max Lavallee, Richard Albert McDonald, Paul Emile Caouette and from Afghanistan Byron Garth Greff.
Of the soldiers, Majeau was a Pilot Officer and is buried at Hilsenheim Communal Cemetery, Bas-Rhin, France.
Leon Theberge was a Private with PPCLI, Royal Canadian Infantry Corps and buried in Ortona Italy.
Richard McDonald, a Flight Sergeant is remembered at the Runnymede Memorial in Surrey, United Kingdom.
Jean Ferrat, Private, is buried at the Contay British Cemetery, Department de la Somme, Picardie, France.
Louis Bourassa, 233rd Overseas Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force, is buried in Edmonton at Saint Joachim’s Cemetery.
Jean Paul Therrien is buried at the Bergen-Op-Zoom Cemetery in Holland. He died at 19 years of age.He was a Private with the Algonquin Regiment, RCIC Army. he lived in Morinville when he enlisted.
Byron Greff was a Master Corporal with 3 Battalion, Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry and is buried in Lacombe, Alberta.
The project brings to light awareness of our military history and recognition of remembrance of the sacrifices of these soldiers and all soldiers.
The project was led by Loralee Elliott of the Historical & Cultural Society with assistance by President Paulette Houle and Andy Noel and members of the Volume 4(for) History Committee.
Also providing support was the Town of Morinville and Kal McDonald of Coach’s Corner Sports Bar & Grill and Mona Bouchard Freelance Graphic Artist and the Royal Canadian Legion Br. 176 Morinville.
Elliott was pleased to be able to obtain some information on Paul Emile Caouette, a Private with the Calgary Highlanders Royal Canadian Infantry Corps. The info was obtained from Faces to Graves, Stitching Faces to Canadian War Graves Groesbeek with the life story compiled by Sigrid Norde- Research Team Faces to Graves.
A souvenir brochure, pins and poppy brooches were ordered for the event but due to the recent Covid 19 events in Morinville of increasing positive results and the Town being on the Province’s “watchlist” the formal portion of the event was cancelled.
The banners were placed early Friday morning by Town of Morinville Public Works.
Stories on all the soldiers is to be on display at the Musee Morinville Museum.
Morinville’s military history began in 1909 when Morinville was chosen for the Militia D Squadron armory.
The building was demolished in 1982.
During the First World War many enlisted as well as the Second World War, some in the Korea War and many have served in the Canadian Armed Forces in Canada and overseas.
February 1943 was known as the American Invasion in town as Morinville served as a major depot for material stored for use on the construction of the Alaska Highway
September 11, 2011 Freedom of the City event was held to honour 1 Service Battalion stationed out of CFB Edmonton.


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