Getzlaf looking to raise funds with Christmas Ice Bucket Challenge

by Stephen Dafoe

Morinville resident Danny Getzlaf is hoping to raise $25,000 for the ALS Society of Alberta and recently poured a bucket of ice-cold water over his head to kick off the fundraiser.

Getzlaf, a Morinville Public Works employee, was diagnosed with fatal neurodegenerative disease (ALS) in the fall of 2017. Initially, Getzlaf said he’d become fatigued at work, coming home at the end of the day for two- to three-hour naps, something that was out of character for him.

That August he told his doctor he was unable to move his right big toe. Though unconcerned himself, his doctor was, and scheduled him to see a neurologist. After an MRI, two EMG’s, and what Getzlaf has referred to as a bucket full of blood tests, he was diagnosed with ALS, a disease with no cure and one which is fatal.

The Morinville man has been a tireless ambassador for the illness since being diagnosed, providing a shoulder for those diagnosed with the disease and actively fundraising for the ALS Society of Alberta.

Getzlaf, who is known for his friendliness and positivity, was chosen to be the 2019 Edmonton ALS Walk Ambassador. That year, Getzlaf’s Community Spirit Team took part in the Walk to End ALS, raising more than $38,831.80.

A year later, and with much colder weather, Getzlaf decided to do the Ice-Bucket Challenge with a Christmas theme.

“With COVID-19, there’s been a lot of worries with everyone,” he said. “I think it’s time to have a little fun.”

Getzlaf is hoping people will donate, despite the tough economic times, to the cause, or make a video of themselves doing the challenge, in the hopes of encouraging others to donate.

Those wishing to donate can do so at:

At the time of this article, $770 of the $25,000 has been raised.

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