RCMP traffic focus is on speeders this month

by Stephen Dafoe

Each month, Alberta RCMP and their traffic partners put an educational focus on a different aspect of the provincial traffic safety calendar. April’s focus is on speeding.

Alberta RCMP issued 58,700 speeding tickets in 2020.

“Alberta RCMP issued 974 speeding tickets to motorists in April 2020 alone. Speeding is one of the biggest threats to traffic safety, yet is a common habit for many drivers,” said Superintendent. Gary Graham, Alberta RCMP Traffic Services. “Ensure you always abide by the posted limit. The dangers of speeding far outweigh the minute or two you think you are gaining.”

Citing Alberta Transportation statistics, RCMP says speeding is responsible for one in four traffic fatalities with half of those occurring in rural areas.

Alberta RCMP offers the following points:

  • The faster you go, the longer it takes you to stop. Speeding affects your ability to come to a quick stop in the event of unexpected traffic hazards.
  • Always drive to conditions. Alberta’s road and weather conditions are unpredictable; ensure you adjust your speed accordingly.
  • Give yourself a few extra minutes. Allowing yourself extra time to get to your destination helps you to avoid feeling rushed.
  • Be aware of speed limits in playground and construction zones. These areas often have high pedestrian traffic – you must slow down.

Alberta is currently considering increasing the speed limit on the province’s divided highways.

Spruce Grove-Stony Plain MLA Searle Turton’s Bill 213 would raise the maximum speed on all non-urban, divided highways from the current 110 kilometres per hour to 120 km/h.

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