Letter: Child Care Questions

Bill 15

I write this while I wait for my coffee to cool, and my wife of 47 years ( today) to join me for breakfast, and we will watch the morning news as usual.

I know there will once again be a story on the proposed $10.00 per day child care. Great news for many, I suppose. I’m not an economist, so I will review the arguments for and against the tax money spent. I will look at the results in Quebec on family incomes, economic growth, unemployment, and so on.

But I will still be left with questions that I can’t seem to find being discussed.

  • Where is the money for the moms, (or dads) who make the decision to stay at home and take on the most important job of all? I can’t remember the number of times my wife was with me at the bank, or social gatherings, where she faced the “so you’re just a housewife?” I bristled as I had to control my temper, and remind the other person that all I did was sell cheeseburgers ( acknowledged, 3 to 5 thousand a day) while she was teaching and supporting 3 people who are the future of our society.
  • Where are the statistics and reports on the satisfaction level of children who grew up in daycare vs those who were raised at home?
  • What are the “success” ratios of children who are raised either way? We know the financial success of the parents who are able to both work is affected positively, but what is the cascade effect over generations?

Our decision was our own. Was it the right one? Time will tell. But so far, so good.

I do know that I am humbled by the level of accomplishment she achieved vs mine, and proud of her and all 3 of our children.

I just wish the government would acknowledge it as well. There is no Order Of Canada for wife and mom, but I would certainly submit mine for consideration.

Alan Otway – Morinville.

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