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Letter: Child Care Questions

I write this while I wait for my coffee to cool, and my wife of 47 years ( today) to join me for breakfast, and we will watch the morning news as usual. […]


CFIB says small business holding their breath over changes to passive investment rules in federal budget

New survey results from the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) indicate small business owners remain concerned about the government’s proposed tax changes with almost two-thirds of respondents saying changes have caused them to rethink whether to continue being in business. […]


National Column: Liberals pick up where they left off

For all the talk about a new activist federal era, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s first budget largely picks up where Paul Martin left off – at least when it comes to spending priorities.

Improving the terms of the relationship between Canada and its indigenous people was front and centre on the former Liberal prime minister’s radar. At the time of its defeat in 2006, the Martin government was about to start implementing the Kelowna Accord. […]


Ambrose talks federal budget

Seniors and small business people are among those who will particularly benefit from the recent federal budget, according to Rona Ambrose, MP for Edmonton-Spruce Grove. […]