Lemonade Day in Morinville offers a variety of styles from young entrepreneurs

Above: Councillor Giffin, Mayor Turner, Sebastian Spila, Councillor Balanko and Evelyn along with MLA Dale Nally.

photos by Lucie Roy

Morinville residents had a choice of lemonade from young entrepreneurs manning four stands on Saturday, Lemonade Day, a program that teaches youth how to start and run their own lemonade stand business.
The Lemonade Bros with Dean and Carter Piehl at No Frills, the Kitti Gaby stand at Smith Music with Dana Gabriela, the Lemon Lu’au at Higher Grounds with Orryn Hall-Im and The Dangerously Good Lemonade with Sebastian Spila.
At the Kitti Gaby stand, Gabriela said there was a secret ingredient- Panela. She proceeded to show a video from Columbia of how it was harvested and the finished package of which she has one on display. The Panela is a tradition that adds sweetness to the lemonade she sold with two choices, lime or lemon.
The Dangerously Good Lemonade also provided two choices, the regular or the Big Boy Berry Blast.
The Lemon Lu’au operated by Orryn Hall-Im served two tropical flavours, the Pina Colada and Mango.
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