Positive Ticketing Program returns to Morinville

Morinville Enforcement Services announced Thursday it was reactivating its positive ticket program for youth, a program that was suspended during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now that restriction are lifted, Peace Officers are once again issuing positive tickets.

When Peace Officers observe local youth following rules, including wearing a bike helmet, crossing the road in the correct way or just being a good citizen, a Peace Officer may speak with the youth and give them a positive ticket and a gift card for a local business.

“Our team is excited this program is back and we are looking forward to catching youth bringing positive change to the community,” said Peace Officer Sergeant William Norton in a media release Thursday. “It is essential that positive reinforcement happens with impressionable youth of Morinville, especially when coming out of the difficult environment isolation created during the last 18 months.”

The Town says the Positive Ticket program is a win-win-win scenario because Peace Officers get to have a positive interaction with local youth, reinforcing good behaviour, plus getting exposure for local businesses.

Local businesses wanting to partner with the Town on the program can email peaceofficer@morinville.ca.


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