Editorial: What a shit show

After his $100 vaccine bounty failed to get results and hospitalizations continued to rise, Jason Kenney must have downloaded into his Fruit of the Looms before downloading more grief and responsibility on Alberta’s businesses, particularly restaurants and bars.

Whether you are for or against vaccine passports, it is the responsibility of the provincial government to implement them, not private businesses.

Wednesday’s convoluted COVID-19 measures created a situation where restaurants are once again locked down for indoor dining unless they implement vaccine passport programs.

Instead of having the testicular fortitude to do the dirty work themselves, the government left that to already struggling restaurants and bars, making frontline servers responsible for more confrontations with some of their patrons.

Have they not endured enough for the past 18 months?

Starting Monday, if you want to eat inside a restaurant willing to implement the vaccine passport program that Mr. Kenney and company wouldn’t, you need a card with proof of vaccine – or a COVID-19 test no older than 72 hours.

The problem is – those cards intended to be available Thursday won’t be available now until Sunday, a day before restaurants and bars and other exemptable-or-be-shut-down businesses are to have programs in place.

Whether you are for vaccine passports or against vaccine passports, there is nothing left to say about the treatment of Alberta businesses by this government other than, “What a shit show!”

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  1. Most Morinvillers l know feel the same way, total shit show, with our small businesses carrying the weight of the responsibility and the brunt of the damages that will be done!

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