Senate Elections on Municipal Ballot

by Lucie Roy
The Alberta Senate Nominee Election will take place when Albertans go to the polls on October 18 or to one of the advance polls in conjunction with the conjunction elections.
There are 13 senate candidates on the ballot.
Voters may select up to three when they vote. The three candidates with the most votes will be recommended by the Alberta government to the federal government to fill future vacancies in the Senate.
There are six seats for senators representing Alberta in the Senate Chamber and currently one of them is vacant.
A full list of the Senate Candidates can be viewed on the Elections Alberta site.
On the list, three are Conservative Party of Canada, seven are Independent and three are Peoples’ Party of Canada.
The candidates are Erika Barootes, Rick Bonnett, Pam Davidson, Doug A. Horner, Duncan Kinney, Kelly Lorencz, Mykhailo Martyniouk, Ann McCormack, Jeff Nielsen, Karina Pillay, Chad Jett Thunders Saunders, SunilSookram and Nadine R. Wellwood.
Alberta is the only province to hold elections for nominees to the Senate.
They may be chosen by the Prime Minister to fill the vacancy (vacancies) in the Senate but this is not binding on the Prime Minister when he advises the Governor-General on appointments to the Senate.
The five Senators from Alberta currently serving are Patti Laboucane-Benson, Douglas Black, Paula Simons, Karen Sorensen, and Scott Tanas.