Heritage Village Estates is given green light with passing of bylaw amendment

by Colin Smith

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A new Morinville subdivision featuring smaller than usual lot sizes and increased density has been given the green light.
At its Tuesday regular meeting Town Council approved the redistricting (rezoning) of a 3.04-hectare parcel of land in the Houle district of northwest Morinville.

The redistricting from Single Detached Residential (R-1A) and Single Detached Compact Residential (R-1B) to Innovative Design Residential (R-1D) will enable owner Landrex Developments to build on smaller lots.

Its proposed Heritage Village Estates will include 54 single-family units up from the 44 allowed for under the previous zoning.

A proposed subdivision plan for the area was approved in 2007 but no development took place. Last spring council approved the sale of the land to Landrex.

Speaking during a public hearing on the redistricting proposal that took place at the meeting, Ryan Eidick of Prism Engineering said development was found unfeasible under the R1-A and R1-B zoning.

Eidick was questioned by councillors about provision for resident parking and about street widths, issues also raised in a statement of concerns and recommendations from the Morinville Fire Department.

“Each unit will have a double garage,” he replied. “Parking will not change from what has been approved to what we are proposing.” Road widths would also remain the same.

Eidich said the subdivision application would be submitted shortly, with development to begin in the spring and occupancy for later this year or in 2023.

A report from Planning and Economic Development indicates that the proposed development redistricting aligns with Morinville’s municipal plan, by accommodating future development through diverse housing options, compact urban form and level of affordability, and encouraging quality building design.

Policy 7.25 sets a target residential density of 30 dwelling units per hectare if and where possible. According to the report the development supports this aim by increasing density from 14.5 dwelling units per hectare to 17.8.

This is achieved by reducing the width of most internal lots from 14 metres to 13.5 metres.

Having raised questions about the development, Councillor Scott Richardson expressed his support for redistricting measure.

“I think those concerns have been addressed,” he said. “As long as we’re building to current standards.”

Deputy Mayor Stephen Dafoe also said he would support the redistricting, while praising the Fire Depart for providing its input.

“This was the most detailed list of concerns from the Fire Department we’ve seen,” he said. “I for one really appreciated the depth.”

The Land Use Bylaw amendment to approve the Heritage Valley Estates redistricting was passed unanimously by the councillors present. Councillor Jenn Anheliger was not present at the meeting.

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