National Road Safety Week Highlights Dangers of Drowsy Driving

by Morinville Online Staff

The Canada Safety Council (CSC) is emphasizing the importance of staying alert and safe on the roads during this year’s National Road Safety Week, observed from May 16 to May 22. Drowsy driving poses a significant threat to Canadian road users, impacting not only the driver but also those around them.

(CSC) says fatigue behind the wheel can lead to impaired driving performance, with slower reaction times, compromised decision-making abilities, and reduced attention to the road. These factors make it challenging for drivers to respond effectively to unexpected situations, elevating the risk of accidents and injuries.

Statistics cited indicate that approximately one in five drivers is affected by fatigue while driving, though this figure is likely underreported due to the nature of the issue.

Gareth Jones, President and CEO of the Canada Safety Council, stressed the seriousness of fatigue as a road safety threat, stating, “Fatigue is a serious threat to road safety, and it’s a problem that affects everyone on the road. All drivers must take the risks of fatigue seriously and take steps to stay alert and focused on the road.”

To address the risks of drowsy driving, there are several strategies that drivers can employ to remain attentive and focused, including:

  • Ensuring they get adequate rest before embarking on a journey.
  • Taking regular breaks during long trips.
  • Avoiding driving during their usual sleeping hours.

CSC says its crucial to avoid relying on temporary methods such as caffeine consumption, opening windows, or turning up the volume of the car stereo, as these fail to address the root cause of the issue: insufficient sleep.

For drivers who struggle with getting enough rest, sleep aids like Sleep Tracks can provide assistance. Sleep Tracks is a series of sleep aids designed to promote restful sleep and demonstrate the profound impact drowsiness can have while on the road. By utilizing modified sound waves and repetitive sound patterns, Sleep Tracks helps users fall asleep quickly and stay asleep throughout the night.

The risks and consequences of drowsy driving in Canada are significant. However, drivers have the ability and responsibility to protect themselves and others on the road. By being vigilant and adopting safe driving practices, CSC believes drivers can contribute to safer roads for everyone in Canada.

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