Alberta NDP Announces In-Person Town Halls to Address Concerns Over UCP’s Pension Plan Proposal

by Staff

In response to the UCP government’s recent telephone town halls regarding a potential move from the Canada Pension Plan to an Alberta model, the Alberta NDP has announced a series of in-person town hall meetings to engage with Albertans concerned about the proposed pension plan changes.

The UCP’s decision to conduct consultations through telephone town halls had drawn criticism from the opposition, with the Alberta NDP expressing concerns that in-person sessions were not planned. Christina Gray, Alberta NDP House Leader, voiced these concerns, saying, “Instead of actually talking with Albertans face-to-face to defend Danielle Smith’s plot to gamble with Albertans’ income security, the UCP is only willing to consult via telephone. No in-person sessions.”

Gray continued, “On one of the most important and dangerous questions of recent memory, Danielle Smith won’t show up. She is afraid to tell Albertans the truth about her self-serving policy to create an Alberta pension plan.”

Highlighting their commitment to hearing from Albertans directly, the Alberta NDP announced their plans to host in-person town hall meetings in communities across Alberta, including Lethbridge, St. Albert, and others. Gray emphasized, “While the Alberta premier is hiding behind a multi-million dollar advertising campaign based on false numbers, we will be meeting with and listening to the very Albertans who will be impacted by this disastrous policy.”

The Alberta NDP also launched an online survey titled Your Pension is Yours three weeks ago, which has already garnered responses from over 26,000 Albertans. An overwhelming 90 percent of respondents opposed the UCP’s plan to move away from the Canada Pension Plan. Gray stated, “For the Premier to be unwilling to look Albertans in the eye on this issue is dishonest and cowardly, but exactly what Albertans have come to expect from Danielle Smith. This disastrous policy will end up costing Albertans. It is a bad idea now and in the future.”

In addition to the in-person town hall meetings, the Alberta NDP is set to hold an online consultation on Thursday, October 19, at 6:30 p.m. Interested Albertans can register to attend at

Gray concluded by saying, “We look forward in the weeks ahead to hearing in-person from Albertans across the province on this important issue. Albertans’ pensions belong to them, and they deserve so much better from their government. The Alberta NDP cares about your retirement security. We will not let Danielle Smith and the UCP gamble away Albertans’ CPP and put their retirement income at risk.”

Alberta Pension Plan Engagement Panel Chair Jim Dinning has said in-person meetings will take place in December, after the telephone consultations are done.

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