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Government launches Run to Quit Smoking program

The Government of Canada, Canadian Cancer Society, and the Running Room are partnering in what they are calling an innovative program to help quit smoking. The Run to Quit Smoking program launched July 28 and is designed to help participants learn to run 5 kilometres over a 10-week period while getting support to quit smoking. […]


National Column: Rejected pension ideas new again for scrambling Tories

In the dying days of a third mandate, federal Finance Minister Joe Oliver is about to spend the last summer before the October election consulting the provinces on a public pension reform that all governments, including his own, dismissed as unworkable five years ago. […]


National Column: What the NDP can learn from its own mistakes

We’ve been here before.

There was a time, in the not too distant past, when the NDP led the national polls, it appeared electoral revolution was at hand and the leader of the day, Ed Broadbent, was being spoken of as the next prime minister.


National Column: Orange wave crushes Tories

Voters in Alberta made history Tuesday night – and they sealed it with an exclamation point.

Rachel Notley and her New Democrats secured a majority victory in an election that was supposed to be a stroll in the park for a powerful Progressive Conservative dynasty that had all but swallowed up its opposition in the province.


Alberta’s PC dynasty fragile with Prentice

The barbarians are at the gate again – and this time the dynasty is having trouble with the drawbridge.

As the Alberta election campaign enters its final full week, the Progressive Conservative dynasty – the country’s longest ever – is being entrusted to the increasingly shaky grip of leader Jim Prentice. […]


Ambrose talks federal budget

Seniors and small business people are among those who will particularly benefit from the recent federal budget, according to Rona Ambrose, MP for Edmonton-Spruce Grove. […]


Column: A question of judgment

We’re a long way from any verdict in the Mike Duffy trial, but two days into court proceedings, common sense and accountability are already down for the count. […]

Local News

Battle of Vimy Ridge to be remembered

Legion branches across the country will fly their Canadian flags at half-mast Apr. 9 from sunrise to sunset to commemorate Vimy Ridge Day. It was during this famous battle, fought Apr. 9 to 12, 1917, that Canadians captured Vimy Ridge when other allied forces could not. […]


Column: Progressives united, but who gets their vote?

The good news for the body politic in this country is that it is now flying on two wings.

The left side of the political brain has caught up to the right of the political brain and it only took a couple of years. […]


Column: Election year brings in a new Mulcair and Trudeau

It’s an election year and that means last year’s versions of the two men who are bent on unseating Stephen Harper’s Conservatives are gone.

The 2015 versions of NDP Leader Tom Mulcair and Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau are different in both style and message. […]