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Progressive Views Column: Alberta NDP Leader Resigns

by Tristan Turner

While struggling to hold back to hold back tears, Brian Mason announced at a press conference Apr. 29 that he would be stepping down as leader of the Alberta NDP effective October 19. The bus driver turned politician has served as both an MLA and Edmonton City Councillor for more than 25 years, winning nine consecutive elections. In his near 10-year tenure as leader of Alberta’s New Democrats, Brian Mason has seen – and won – many battles on behalf of his constituents and all Albertans. Not the least of which was a fight he brought to PC Premier… […]

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Editorial & Opinion

Letter: NDP leader calls out Redford for broken promises


Albertans want change. Albertans want an end to broken promises and government secrecy, but Alison Redford has already broken her promise to hold a judicial enquiry into allegations of physician intimidation. Albertans want an end to patronage in government, but Alison Redford has appointed Gary Mar to a $265,000 a year position in Hong Kong… […]