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Communities in Bloom visit Morinville

Communities in Bloom (CIB) Evaluation took place in Morinville Aug. 7.

The full itinerary included a driving tour and walking tour of several sites in town.

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Week in photos

Sunflowers burst and bloom in a Morinville Garden. Last week Communities in Bloom judges visited the community to do their evaluation. See page 12 for story. […]

Arts & Culture

Communities in Bloom judges visit Morinville

Communities in Bloom judging took place in Morinville on Wednesday. Judges Doug Hornbeck and Berta Briggs did a tour of the town with Allen Jacobson, Community Development Coordinator, and Donald Fairweather, Operations Manager. […]

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Morinville gets a Blooming 4

by Lucie Roy

Morinville received four out of a possible five blooms in the in the Friends-Evaluated Category of Communities in Bloom Alberta Provincial Edition. Four Blooms represents a score of 73 to 81 percent in scoring. Morinville received 78.3 percent. … […]