National Column: Mulcair’s irrational road to nowhere

By the time he stood at the podium to address the NDP convention Sunday morning, Thomas Mulcair must have known he was in deep and likely irreversible trouble.

It took little more than a minimum of political acumen to pick up the negative signals that preceded the vote on whether to seek a new leader. Mulcair did not lack for antennae in the corridors of the convention.


National Column: NDP would have had to break promises

Had this week marked the 100th day in office of a NDP government, Prime Minister Thomas Mulcair would have had to pay a visit to the graveyard of campaign good intentions.

Three months in a majority mandate, a New Democrat federal cabinet would either be contemplating a major round of spending cuts or, more likely, would already have buried deep the signature promise of a budget surplus in each and every year of a four-year mandate. […]