Ask-A-Candidate Question 7

Ask-A-Candidate Question 7

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Editor’s Note: As part of our ongoing coverage of Election 2010, is accepting question from our readers, which will be published anonymously for candidates to answer. Please note that only candidates will be able to respond to the questions asked by our readers. Links to questions asked will be archived in our Ask-A-Candidate section. See link in navigation bar above.


With a residential / commercial tax split of approximately 93 per cent to seven per cent, the need to redress the balance has been raised by several candidates. Given that Morinville is uniquely challenged by its close proximity to not one but two major shopping centres, what are your plans or ideas for economic development? Do they include the procurement of an economic development officer for Morinville or do you plan to continue the mistaken assumption that the local Chamber will fulfil that role for the town.

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