National Column: Five unexpected developments in Bill C-14 debate

The time-sensitive production of a Charter-compliant federal law on medically assisted death was always going to be a logistical challenge for whomever was elected to power last October.

On that basis, the fact that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government missed Monday’s court-imposed deadline to prevent a legal void is probably the least unexpected development in the legislative saga that has consumed MPs and senators over the first session of the new Parliament. […]


Column: Joe Morinville

Since the owner of this rag decided to go off to a political convention for a week, he told me I’d better put together some of my great wisdom for the paper. Now that the good weather is here, I ain’t felt much like writing my thoughts down on account of I’m enjoying tinkering with the old car and figuring new ways to keep the cats out of the missus’ garden so I don’t go to listen to her hollering about the neighbourhood cats going poo in the pansies. […]


National Column: In spite of Trudeau, G7 gets failing grade

Last week’s G7 meeting in Japan was an opportunity missed.

The leaders of seven important countries, including Canada, had a chance to do something that would rekindle the sputtering global economy. Some, including Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Canada’s Justin Trudeau, tried to convince the group to do just that. […]


National Column: Ottawa has fumbled assisted-dying bill from start

This country’s highest court ultimately gave Parliamentarians 16 months to craft legislation on assisted dying. That apparently wasn’t enough.

Missing the court-imposed June 6 deadline will not plunge this nation into some type of chaotic constitutional abyss, but the past 16 months leading to that deadline have taught us a lot about our political system and the men and women who represent us. It tells us a lot about the perils of fixed election dates, a move to remove partisanship from the Senate, the management of the legislative agenda by a rookie government – but most of all it tells us a lot about the timidity of our elected representatives. […]