National Column: Funds key to clinching Tory leadership

It is a political rule of thumb that defeated incumbents tend to drown their sorrows in money and it turns out the federal Conservatives are no exception.

At $5 million, the spending limit imposed on each of the candidates who will vie to replace Stephen Harper between now and next spring is more than five times higher than the maximum allowed for the leadership contest that resulted in Justin Trudeau’s election. […]


National Column: East and West on same side of pipeline debate

When all is said and done, there is no rational reason for this week’s climate-change gathering of first ministers in Vancouver to feature an East-West brawl over pipelines.

Unless the premiers of the energy-producing provinces are irresistibly inclined to lead a charge on windmills, they have no reason to get on their high horses in order to cast themselves as champions of their resources industry. […]


Healthy Routes Column: Choosing a High-Quality Protein

You probably know one or two people who are very enthusiastic about the protein shake they are using or the protein meal supplement they have just ordered. Many people think of it as the “healthy” fast food. With so many choices and so many high-pressure sales people online it is sometimes hard to separate the powders that are healthy from the ones that are anything but. You need to remember that a lot of these very enthusiastic people are themselves part of the multi-level marketing program (what we used to call pyramid scheme). […]


Column: Joe Morinville

The “boss” told me to keep it short this week on account of there being a lot of important news he needed to put in the paper. I reminded him my news is important because it’s the stuff people need to know about even if they already know about it.