Column: Joe Morinville

Well, the publisher of this rag up and went to Ontario last week to see his grand baby, and he come begging me to write something for the editorial page on account of his being away. So I blew the dust off of my computer and sat down to write what’s been going through my mind lately.

1 – I don’t have much to say about stuff what I’ve seen on the Facebook because I hardly ever get on there no more. Whenever I do, it’s this one bellyaching about this, and that one bellyaching about that. At least on some of them groups. I like looking at what my friends is up to. Looks like you are all having a good summer.

2 – So Prime Minister Harper went to see the Governor General a week ago Sunday and we’re gonna have an election. We was always gonna have an election on Oct. 19. But now we’re gonna have 11 weeks of advertising on the TV about the darned thing.

3 – I don’t know about what new commercials they’re gonna come up with to make the other guy look bad, but I’ve had enough of that one about how Trudeau just isn’t ready. I’m not ready to listen to that one much more, and I imagine they’ll just get worse.

4 – Seen a piece on Saturday night where they interviewed people on the beach about what they thought of the election being called on Sunday. All the people they talked to said they did not care because they was enjoying their summer vacations on the beach and up in the cabins. They said they’d care about it when the summer was over. I figure voter turnout in this country will show folks don’t care about this election after summer either.

5 – Speaking of caring, I had a few of my coffee buddies moaning and groaning when the NDP kicked the PCs out of office in the last provincial election three months ago. Some of those guys said they was gonna move to other places in and out of the country. Well, I’m here to tell you, every one of those guys is still here and still complaining about what’s going on right here in Morinville.

6 – There has not been a lot going on in Morinville this summer. The festival came and went. I hear there is a Country Fair coming up and another one of them meals where you sit on a bale of hay and eat at one big table what runs down the street. I’ll likely buy a ticket for me and the missus for that one because it was pretty good food last year.

7 – Speaking of good food, if you’ve not tried the new Golden Szechuan Buffet place or Doug’s flat pizzas over at the Green Bean, you probably ought to do that. We haven’t had a Chinese buffet here in a while. And Doug’s flat pizzas are made the way Italians make them. I’ve never been to Italy, but if their pies are half as good as Doug’s, I’m gonna book a flight and go live there.

8 – Seen on the news over the weekend that they was holding a demonstration in Waterloo, Ontario on account of a cop asked some woman not to go topless. Apparently it’s legal to go topless for both sexes in Ontario. Anyway, they interviewed some of the women, blocking out their toplessness. Apparently it is legal to be topless in Ontario but not legal to show them topless in Alberta on the news. Anyhow, they interviewed one old fella like myself about why he come out to support the woman, and he just said, “I’m just here to see the boobies.” Now it’s guys like that old guy what gives old guys like me a bad name.

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  1. Good to have you back , Joe . Boo on the election and the whiners but kudos to the old guy !

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