National Column: Conservative backroom suffered from myopia

On a week that marks the passing of Justin Trudeau’s 100th day in power, key Conservative and NDP insiders have been delivering some preliminary conclusions as to the causes of their October defeats.

Their findings are strikingly interchangeable – with the popular momentum for change somewhat conveniently fingered as a root cause of electoral failure. […]


National Column: October ghosts’ haunt Liberals, Tories

Our neighbours to the south have a name for a late-campaign jolt, the legendary “October surprise.”

Here in Canada, this year, we have been visited by the “October ghosts” in the campaign’s final hours.

For Justin Trudeau, a stunning lapse in judgment by his campaign co-chair can cause real damage to a surging campaign, particularly in Quebec. Thursday, Trudeau was fighting off the ghosts of Liberal scandals past. […]


National Column: Grits positioned to craft stable minority

With the wind at his back in the last week of the campaign, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau is asking voters to give his party a majority on Monday. To measure what a feat that would be, consider that to reach the magic majority number of 170, the Liberals – with 36 MPs at dissolution – would have to more than quadruple their seats next week. […]

Editorial & Opinion

Letter: Chamber to hold forum Sept. 30

The Morinville and District Chamber of Commerce invites all residents to attend the Federal election forum held on September 30, 2015 from 6:30-8:30pm at the Morinville Community Cultural Centre located at 9502-100 Ave in Morinville. […]