Province unveils new smoke forecasting system

A new smoke forecasting system unveiled by the province Tuesday will provide Albertans with up to 48 hours notice of approaching wildfire smoke.

By Staff

Edmonton – Albertans will now be able to get up to 48 hours notice of approaching smoke from forest fires, thanks to the BlueSky Western Canada Smoke Forecasting System.

The innovative forecasting system, a joint venture between Alberta and British Columbia, was unveiled Tuesday and seeks to provide Western Canadians with valuable information on incoming wildfire smoke.

“During forest fire events, impacted areas and health agencies need as much advance warning as possible,” said Alberta Environment Minister Rob Renner in a release. “Our combined efforts to establish this system will ensure Albertans and British Columbians have the information they need during fire season.”

The system combines forest fire information, including location and size, with weather forecast computer models to anticipate where and when the smoke is likely to arrive.

Smoke forecasts for Alberta and B.C. are produced daily and displayed on a website as hour-by-hour animations showing the locations and concentrations of smoke plumes and their proximity to populated areas.

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