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With all the walking trails we have Morinville is a great place to get out with your dog and see the sites. The problem is there are other people with their dogs on the walking trails doing the same thing. There isn’t anywhere to let you dog off and run. Is there any candidate looking at an off leash park for Morinville?

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  1. As a General reminder, although it is clearly posted in the EDITOR’s NOTE above, ONLY CANDIDATES all eligible to reply to the Ask-A-Candidate feature.

  2. Thank you for the questions and your concerns.

    We do have a walking trail however, it is not finished. We need to make it longer and make more routes that way almost all of Morinville residents can access it from or close to their back yard. We are in the process (in the very near future, if the material arrives) to have exercise equipment placed on the trail, making it a safe place for our runners and walkers to do a little exercise on easy equipment without going to the gym.

    Dog walking, I am in the same boat, I have a dog and walk my dog every day plus I carry a bag with tissue in it to pick up any mess my dog does. I can’t say the same with all of Morinville dog owners. You stated that you keep your dog on a leash, thank you for following the rule, I also hope I can say the same with others; this is not even talking about dogs that just run/walk freely around our town. I know most of you think they are friendly and out for a strolls however does the dog know that?

    The building of a dog “free run place and a free poop place” sound great, however…

    The location will need to be away from a residential site. This might become a problem for getting to it. (NOT in my back yard). We would need to fence it, for the security of the public.

    We know our dog however, do we really know our neighbour’s dog? We all know that there are assorted breeds of dog and they come in all kind of shapes; small to large (some are the size of a little pony). These dogs might and life knows will not always get along with each other. Making this a legal matter. I talked to assorted municipalities and they all stated that they wish that they had never done this, as the losing dog always suee the other dog and the town for the loss or injuries to their dog. Even the Vet in our town I believe allows only one dog at the time on their walking/running path.
    The liability will be very high (as most dog owners don`t have pet insurance – so they go after the town) and the usability will be at a low percent (would it be worth the money for 10 dogs) and the maintenance (cleaning up the place) at what cost do we do this.

    As a believer in “Sound Budgeting and Fiscal Management“ this type of project will be low on my priority list. I know this is not the answer you wanted to hear, however I believe in telling the truth to our ratepayers the first time than promising something that will properly never happen, just to make them happen and go away. If you have a sound method of doing this, I am willing to listen and discuss this issue.

    Remember to vote on October 18, 2010 and if you believe in an Honest Elected Official (not seen often) vote Joseph Trapani for Mayor. Thank you.

  3. Being a dog owner myself I think it’s important for them to get their exercise, whether is be on the beautiful trail system Morinville has to offer or eventually an off leash area.
    According to Morinville’s Recreation, Parks and Open Space master plan (dated February 2005) over the next five to eight year period, the Town will acquire approximately 15 acres of additional parks and open space lands. At present date, I am not sure how much of this has been fulfilled. However, based on the number of acres required for the town allotment an off leash area may be a possibility in the near future.

  4. It is important that the Town Council look at all projects and priorize these in terms of time frame and budget. We have a dog who enjoys her regular walks. Sorry, but a dog park is one of the lower priorities for me.

    There is an off leash dog area under development in Town. It is difficult for me to access from Notre Dame and frankly while I trust our dog (somewhat) I am more concerned with confrontations with other dogs. For this reason our dog is always on an expandable leash when out for walks.

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