Some drivers not stopping for school buses

By staff

Morinville – Two months into the school year and it seems some area motorists have forgotten the rules with respect to school buses.

Morinville RCMP report they have received numerous complaints from local school bus drivers that people are not stopping when the lights are flashing on their buses.

Staff Sergeant Mac Richards said a complaint was received Thursday when Morinville was experiencing some heavy fog.

Richards reminds motorists that vehicles travelling in all directions must stop for the red flashing lights and stop arm of a school bus on undivided roads.

If a vehicle fails to stop, the driver or vehicle owner could receive a $402 fine under the Use of Highway and Rules of Road Regulation.

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  1. I think this is a perfect job for our bylaw officer, instead of sitting around at all the stop signs in town….he could be sitting in school zones where he can actually make a difference.

  2. @ Chris. I agree. What does the bylaw officer even do. I drive around town and see grass two feet high at some residences. Way to be productive and ensure these so called “bylaws” are being enforced.

  3. Chris makes a valid point, but John kinda got off track there. The issue is the flashing lights on the bus. In more than one case, I have seen buses stopped with only the yellow lights flashing and children either getting on or off. They have to make sure that the sign goes out and the lights go on every time as it only confuses drivers. It might help to actually list what is to happen when school buses are making there rounds in a follow up story to help clear the air and make it safer for children. We don’t need revenue from fines as much as we need our children safe.

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