Jaywalkers and drivers beware in November

By MorinvilleNews.com Staff

Morinville – Pedestrians need to be sure to cross at the appropriate crosswalks during the month of November, and to use safe practices when doing so. Morinville RCMP Staff Sergeant Mac Richards reports November’s focus for the detachment will be on pedestrian safety for those on foot as well as those and behind the wheel.

Throughout the month of November, Alberta Integrated Traffic Services (Alberta Traffic Sheriffs & RCMP), along with their enforcement partners, will step up efforts to educate drivers and pedestrians on pedestrian safety.

According to RCMP statistics, 45 pedestrians were killed each year in Alberta between 2004 and 2008. An additional 1,270 pedestrians were injured on average each year.

But the responsibility for pedestrian safety is a two-way street with both driver and pedestrian responsible to use caution. While pedestrians have the right of way in crosswalks, they also have the responsibility to cross safely.

The RCMP encourage drivers to be alert for pedestrians when approaching an intersection and to watch for vehicles stopped or slowing in the lane next to them as those drivers may be yielding for a pedestrian.

Pedestrians are encouraged to point, pause and proceed when crossing the street, always alert and on the look out for oncoming vehicles. It is also recommended that pedestrians make eye contact with motorists before crossing the street.

Drivers are reminded; the penalties for failing to yield for pedestrians carry some heavy consequences.

Last summer, an 11-year-old girl was struck by an SUV while crossing the street near the Integra Tire on 100 Avenue.

Failing to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk carries a fine of $575 as well as four demerit points.

The province’s law enforcement officers focus on a different aspect of traffic safety each month of the year. December will once again focus on impaired driving.

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  1. And that is precisely why we need our numerous “peace officers” as a visible presence patrolling our streets, not hiding behind signs on the outskirts of town trying to raise funds for the town council so they don’t have to increase our already over inflated taxes for another community center or for a pool!! Think SAFETY not revenue !!!

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