African Acrobats delight Primeau students

A member of African Acrobats leads Primeau students in a little dance routine before taking a turn at the limbo. - Stephen Dafoe Photos

By Staff

Morinville – For 45 minutes Monday afternoon Georges H. Primeau students had the opportunity to experience part of their curriculum through an entertaining performance. The school hosted a presentation from African Acrobats, a five-man troupe from Mombasa, Kenya who have performed at Walt Disney Theme Parks, NBA half time shows, colleges, circuses and on national television.

From acts of contortion to feats of balance and acrobatics, African Acrobats kept the students cheering throughout the performance, which included a segment of audience participation as students did their best to do the limbo.

While the performance was set to tie into the schools physical education program (the students are currently taking gymnastics) it is unlikely anyone will be doing five-man pyramids anytime soon.

Mr. Zee, the group’s spokesman told Primeau students the group has been working together for the past five years, but each of the acrobats have been involved in their art since they were children. But a life-long pursuit of their art does not mean they do not have to keep up their skills with practice. Zee said the troupe practice four hours a day – two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon.

But it takes more than practice to make a polished performance. “We are no brothers, but we’ve been together for a long time, so we treat each other as family,” Zee said. “We love each other. We respect each other, treat each other fairly. We don’t smoke and we don’t do drugs.”

Principal Jan Maslyk said bringing the acrobat troupe to the school was made possible by the students themselves. Each year Primeau students sell student union coupon books. Proceeds from the initiative allow the students to bring in a variety of entertainment and speakers throughout the year.

“Sometimes it’s entertainment like the African Acrobats; sometimes its comedians with a message,” Maslyk said. “They’re very high quality because we can afford to pay for them, and the kids just love them.”

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