Letter: Concert attendee pleased with experience

Dear Editor:

I am writing a letter regarding the first Community Cultural Event. My husband and I attended the Canyon Rose Outfit concert.

We were both so impressed with the venue, service, sound and atmosphere and of course the entertainment!
There were several volunteers to assist in any way, the beverages were reasonably priced and Don’s Bistro catered the event. To sum it up we had great food, drink and entertainment for a very good price, all without having to leave Morinville!

When we left for the night and exited the building we were very surprised that we could not even hear any noise from the concert outside.

Morinville is very lucky to have such a great venue with many great shows to come!

Karen Proulx

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  1. Nice to see positive comments once in awhile. Happy too see you enjoyed both the concert and the venue.

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