By-election polls open in Morinville

Institutional polls will also be held the same day at both seniors’ facilities in town.

There are six candidates on the ballot to replace Councillor Ben Van de Walle who stepped down in July due to illness. Candidates running for the seat are Jackie Luker, Bonnie Moerike, Jame O’Brien, Kevin Wedick, Sheldon Fingler and Joseph Trapani.

Morinville News will be bringing you election results Thursday evening as soon as they are announced.

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  1. Every citizen has the opportunity to speak on voting day, every one of us who chooses to speak will ultimately choose the direction of our community.

    However, we also have the option to not vote. Everyone who chooses to not vote chooses to opt out of the democratic process that we have the privelege of enjoying. Additionally, those who opt out of voting ought to opt out of speaking out against/for community initiatives.

    Go vote and let your voice make a difference. I’m not concerned who you vote for, I am concerned that you take the opportunity to vote.

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