Column: Joe Morinville

1/ Last week the Sun papers were upset that the Globe and Mail ran a photo of figure skater Kaetlyn Osmond on the front page because she was doing a leg kick and the picture makes her crotch front-page news. This is the same newspaper chain that ran a photo of Kate Middleton’s bum cheek last year when her skirt blew up at the Calgary airport. That’s kind of like the pot calling the kettle Conrad Black.

2/ Speaking of bums in the Sun – Morinville News got a mention in Cole Byfield’s Mar. 17column about the Cardiff Road project being delayed. The son of Link Byfield referred to our editor (the bum in the Sun) as using a newspaperman’s subtlety for including an accident picture with his story on the Cardiff project getting delayed. The editor is known for many things in this town and subtlety sure as heck isn’t one of them.

3/ Was looking at the new movies out during the spring break and there is not a one of them what I’d take the grand kids to. Thirteen movies come out last Friday and though one was called Hunky Dory not one of them was hunky dory to me. The only kid’s movie didn’t seem kid friendly at all. And there’s two movies that got me confused. One’s called Come Out and Play and the other’s called On the Road. I didn’t see the comma in the list and thought it was one movie called Come Out and Play On the Road. Definitely not taking the grand kids to that.

4/ I know it was the first day of spring a week ago but nobody seems to have told the snow it’s time to move on. I can understand snow not moving on when it’s told, but I sure as heck don’t understand why people don’t move their cars and trucks when the snow removal signs go up. When a grader and dump truck can’t run side by side down my street to pick up the snow, it means the snow don’t get cleared properly. So if the drivers won’t move the cars and trucks we ought to get the tow trucks to move them instead. Nothing corrects people’s ignorant and selfish behaviour like a skinny wallet.

5/ Last week Americans were talking about how the Moroccan fellow that played Satan in that History Channel show about the Bible looked a lot like Obama. So just because a bunch of twits got tweeting on Twitter about it, the channel had to go and make some stupid statement about how the actor had played the devil in other films before Obama was president and how they really love the president and don’t think he’s the devil. I think they even had to hand out some self-esteem ribbons or some such. This kind of stuff never happened when Chuck Heston was making Bible pictures. He’d of parted the Red Sea, raised his rifle in the air, said something in that deep voice of his and that’d be the end of it.

6/ And that’s the end of this one because I run out of things to comment on and the editor wouldn’t give me more time to come up with some.

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  1. I would like help Joe fill out his list by adding a rant of my own. Did anyone else receive at least two very annoying and unsolicited phone calls asking if they wanted to discuss the Alberta budget? If I want to talk to Link Byfield and company, I’ll call them. He and his crew can stop calling me. I would have told them myself, but it was a recorded call from a private number, so no luck there.

  2. I did get those annoying phone calls. I have also received at least 15 or 20 from the Wild Rose and I have asked them at least 3 of the times to take my name off the list and they assure me they have for the next 3 years. Really, then why do I keep getting phone calls. I just hang up on them now. Very annoying!!!

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