Morinville couple together for more than three decades

Karen and Dennis McCammon pose for a photo in Morinville’s St. Jean Baptiste Park. The couple celebrates their 32nd wedding anniversary July 12. – Lucie Roy Photo

By Stephen Dafoe

Morinville – It’s been 32 years since Dennis and Karen McCammon took their wedding vows at a small ceremony in Edmonton. The couple will celebrate more than three decades together Friday evening with a small dinner gathering at Alexis Steak and Pizza.

“I can stand her and she can stand me,” Dennis McCammon said. “We met in Edmonton and we’ve been together for 32 years. I love her and I care for her.”

The love goes both ways, according to McCammon’s bride Karen. “We’ve had a happy life together,” she said. “It’s turned out pretty good since we met each other. We’ve had good days and bad days. We are not perfect.”

Dennis said he told Karen what a good-looking woman she was when he first met her. Karen said she had similar feelings for the man who would day be her husband. The rest has been a 30-plus-year journey together from a small wedding with few friends to being well known in a small community with many friends.

Karen McCammon said a planned honeymoon was cancelled because Karen’s mother passed away at the time of the wedding. “It happened the week of the wedding,” Karen said. But the couple has had plenty of quality time together in the 32 years since they wed. Both avid football fans, the McCammons are Edmonton Eskimo season ticket holders. When not attending games at Commonwealth Stadium, the couple follows the team’s progress on television.

When not attending CFL games, the couple enjoys their Morinville surroundings and the many friends they have in town.

Higher Grounds proprietor Crystal Terhorst said she has been friends with the couple for some time and has enjoyed seeing their relationship, their good humour and their compatibility and ease with one another. “They’re friends with each other,” Terhorst said. “They’re caring people.”

Terhorst said Karen calls a local senior every day to make sure she is doing well and Dennis is a regular staple downtown, looking out for locals and their interests. “He comes in and talks about things that maybe don’t seem right,” she said. “He’s kind of a guard. He stands on Main Street and watches out for people. Karen is a good friend. She’s a very loyal friend and always keeping connection with someone who needs checking up on. They are good citizens of Morinville.”

The McCammons were married July 12, 1981.

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  1. Your better continue to look after Karen, and be good because Santa is always watching you and if your not good, you will get COAL from him again,

  2. Believe it or not, I was Dennis and Karen’s witness at their Justice of the Peace ceremony and drove the wedding truck at Dennis and Karen’s wedding. The reception was at the Ambassador Hotel. It is so wonderful to know that they are doing well after so many years. Too bad the photo in the article won’t open. If someone has access to it and sees my post, could you email it to me at Thank you.

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