Province unveils new smart phone app

3-Nexus_5_Advisories(1)_rdax_118x210by Morinville News Staff

Edmonton – The province unveiled their new Alberta Rivers app Monday, a program that will provide advisories and information about Alberta’s lakes and rivers directly from the Alberta River Forecasting Centre.

The app, available for Android phone users, includes a map of the province, broken into the major river basins; flood specific advisories that are in effect; notifications to users when advisories are issued; comments issued by Alberta’s River Forecast Centre, and information on all current surface water data for Alberta. The app also provides data on current rainfall, stream flows and snow.

“Creating this app is just one of the many actions we are taking as a government to ensure that people have the tools and information they need when they need it most – especially in emergency situations,” said Robin Campbell, Minister of Environment and Sustainable Resource Development, in a release issued Monday morning.

In addition to the Alberta Rivers app, the province also has an Alberta Emergency Alert app, which the province says complements the Alberta Rivers app with information about actions Albertans need to take to protect themselves and their family when disaster strikes. The province also has Alberta Wildfire app available on the Government of Alberta Website.

Like the new Alberta Rivers app, the provinces advisory applications are currently available for Android phones. The Alberta Wildfire app is available for iPhone users, and the province says its other applications are expected to be available for iPhone users soon.

The new Alberta Rivers app can be found at

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