Column: Joe Morinville


Keeping it super simple this week because it is almost summer and I prefer to spend my time looking at old cars and being happy, not sitting indoors trying to figure what to write about for my weekly column.

1 Kids will soon be out of school for the summer. That means that we need to be careful when we are driving around. They don’t always look for what’s around them.

2 Is it just me or does it seem less busy around town lately?

3 Sunshine isn’t limited in Alberta but the heat is. Enjoy it while you can.

4 Somebody is peeping in people’s windows according to the police. Close your curtains and keep a scary mask by the windows.

5 Morinville is growing again. You can tell that by all the flat tires people get from nails left around construction sites.

6 Your kids and grand kids ought to be happy. They turned the spray park on again last wekeend.

7 Almost time for the St. Jean Baptiste Festival. I always look forward to that event but we ain’t heard much about it yet. Hope that changes soon.

8 Speaking of festivals. The public school folks got a big one planned for the week before St. Jean Baptiste Festival. Wonder if they’ll have a dunk tank this year or let us pie someone in the face. I got a few people I’d like to pie in the face.

9 Special thanks to Frontier Honda and RV City. Hear they made a big donation for bleachers at the high school.

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