Edgore ready to rock your face off


by Morinville News Staff

Rock the Rails is a youth-focused, council-supported back-to-school rock concert initiated and hosted by David LeBel of Morinville metal band Edgore. The event will take place Saturday, Sept. 13 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m at Morinville’s Bob Foster Extreme Sport Park (skate park) and will consist of a rock/metal concert featuring performances by local favourites Edgore and 7th Gear, as well as a free barbecue hosted by Morinville Town Council.

LeBel said he initiated the event after observing the need for youth engagement in the community. “I appreciate what Morinville has to offer in the way of community events, but there is a demographical gap with the teenagers,” he said. “They are critical to this community and deserve an event that is specifically for them, as there is for families, children and adults.”

LeBel said support for the event locally has been overwhelming. “I am blown away by the support received from organizations in the community, and grateful beyond my vocabulary allows me to communicate,” he said, adding the Town’s youth coordinator has been hard at work designing posters for the event with spray paint and stencils which will be placed around the town to help advertise Rock the Rails. Additionally, LeBel said The Fathers House has donated their sound equipment for the concert, the Morinville Festival Society is supplying a stage for the bands to play on, Quinn’s Plumbing will be donating a tent for the stage, and Higher Grounds Espresso Bar are renting a generator to power the equipment on stage.

“The Town of Morinville has invested administration time, resources, and a green light to make this show happen,” LeBel said of the willingness to make the outdoor concert a reality. “We are very excited to be playing a show with 7th Gear. Between our two groups we should be able to melt enough faces and shake the earth in a way that will generate a memorable experience to all who attend.”

There is no admission charge for the concert.

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