Column: Joe Morinville

joethumbI’d like to complain that I’ve been put on the sidelines for a couple weeks, but I’ve actually been away visiting family. But some stuff did go on while I was away so I might as well give youse my opinion on what I think about it all.

1 I see the Lions Club is going to roast our old fire chief Ron Cust. I guess he’s got it coming to him. He was always a bit of a cocky kid, but he did bring the fire department a long ways. Pretty sure his predesessor Don Found would be proud of what he’s done. I remember when Found bought the town’s first hundred-foot aerial off of Edmonton back in the mid-80s. Course I remember when the two departments had a contest to see who could put up the biggest Christmas tree. Edmonton didn’t like it none when Morinville won.

2 See the province is bragging about giving us a set of lights at the Cardiff Corner. They got big Building Alberta signs both directions. Can only imagine how big them signs would be if they give us the overpass Kowalski promised us. Promising an overpass and giving us lights is like a builder promising to build you a mansion and giving you the keys to an outhouse.

3 I see Noreen Radford is now the Chair of the Catholic School Board. Doesn’t seem that long ago to me she was teaching kids here in town and now she’s leading the board that makes the decisions about education for a whole lot of kids in Morinville.

4 Seen posters around town what said the Morinville Monster was coming. Now I’ve known quite a few what’s lived here that were monsters and a few more that looked like monsters of one sort or another. But apparently this monster the poster is talking about is some five-pound hamburger you are supposed to eat in an hour. Now it’ll cost you $50 to try and eat it, and if you win you get two tickets to some rock and roll show Paul Smith is putting on. Now the tickets is worth $25 apiece and the show is the same day as the burger eating contest. It don’t make a lick of sense to me why you’d pay $50 to try and win $50 worth of stuff that you ain’t gonna be able to enjoy because your belly will be aching. Mind you all that rumbling noise on the stage will cover the rumbling noise you’ll be making if you eat a five pound burger.

5 Speaking of rock and roll shows, I took the dogs for a walk on Saturday and they had some show going on at the skate park. Geese were taking off to get away from the noise.

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