Francophone history told in new book series

french books
Centralta Tourism Society (CTS) members President Jules Jasmin, Treasurer Andre Noel, and Directors Lucien Houle and Ernest Chauvet pose with some new Francophone history books.
– Lucie Roy photo

by Lucie Roy

Legal – The Centralta Tourism Society (CTS) has produced and released a series of new books in collaboration with students from Legal and Morinville. The books highlight the history and stories behind the murals in Legal and Morinville.

CTS Director Ernest Chauvet said the book Mural Town was created in partnership with Morinville students Colette Bachand, Emilie Lusson, Beatrice Lai, Myriam Pelletier, and Karen and Martin Blanchet. Bachand designed the cover for the book.

Other books in the series include Welcome to Art in the Park, covering the Morinville murals and tableaus, Visual Heritage, a book that covers both Legal and Morinville, Adventures in Alberta, which will be available in English and French, and a book on the Grey Nuns.

The unveiling was held at their Annual General Meeting on Saturday afternoon at the Centralta Community Centre in Legal. Some of the books are currently available, others are still in the final proofing stages.

The CTS meeting was followed by the Annual General Meeting of the Alberta Canadian French Association Centralta Region. The ACFA annual awards night will be held Oct. 18 during their Gala Reconnaissance in Edmonton. More than 15 awards are to be presented. Daniel Gervais is set to be one of nine recipients for the Award of Excellence, and Lucien Houle is to be one of three inducted to the Order of the Elders of Alberta’s Francophone.

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