Province lays out plan for gender equality

by Morinville News Staff

Canada’s only stand-alone Ministry for the Status of Women laid out its long-term plan to improve gender equality.

The government says Alberta’s Status of Women Ministry will focus on increasing women’s economic security and increasing leadership and democratic participation. Additionally, the Ministry will work on decreasing violence against women and girls.

“We cannot build a stronger, more prosperous province if we leave women behind, said Premier Rachel Notley in a release Monday. “Our government promised to increase gender equality in Alberta, and we are keeping that promise. Working with the new Ministry of Status of Women, our government will include the voices of women in our policies, programs, and legislation. Our province will be richer as a result.”

The province says a 20 per cent revenue growth among women-led businesses would increase the province’s GDP by $2 billion a year.

Stephanie McLean, Alberta’s Minister of Status of Women, said women are building strong businesses, families, and communities across the province. “We are partnering with women and with ministries across government to increase economic resilience, promote women in leadership positions, and to help eliminate violence against women,” she said.

The news of the Ministry’s long-term plan comes a day before the United Nation’s International Day of Women.

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  1. How about promoting “intelligence” and not putting people in positions because of ANY gender….
    In my days you had to be qualified for something and not just show up as a woman or a man!
    Gender equality is the same as politicly correctness “it’s NOT working!”

    • Gender should never be the deciding in anything, I agree. It takes more than “intelligence” to thrive in the world of bisiness though. We need people who are ambitious, motivated and hard working.

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